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Things You May Want To Know

Art Work Specifications



Illustrator (CC)

(.ai, .eps, .pdf)  Please include all placed images or embed them in your file.  Also include all fonts or convert them to outlines.

Photoshop (CC)

(.psd, .tif, .jpeg, .eps)  If file is for printing please save as CMYK art.  The file should sized at 150-300dpi at the actual size of the print.

InDesign (CC)

(.indd) Please include all fonts used and any placed images.

Digital Photographs

If you are sending images from a digital camera for large format output printing, the camera settings must be at the highest resolution. Digital photos under 5MB usually do not work for large format output. If this is the case please call us to discuss options.

If you have a small digital file do not use a photo editing program to make the photo larger. That will just take a bad photo and make it a larger bad photo. If you cannot take a picture at an acceptabe resolution you must use traditional film and scan the photo or send us the print to be scanned.


If you have a file that is too large to e-mail, contact us and we can provide a link for upload.

We do not accept Corel Draw (.cda or .cdr) or Quark Express (qxd).  These files must be saved/exported in an industry standard format (.eps or .pdf)

What type of payment do you accept?



We accept Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover and Checks. Payments can also be submitted through the QuickBooks Invoicing system.



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